Tocco Magico is a brand that represents the history in Italian and International hairstyling.

The real “Italian style” that defined the hair fashion creative trends during the past 75 years. Ethic and research always marked its identity. To share beauty and create emotions; seduce and charm a woman: these are the elements that have gone hand in hand with Tocco Magico since the beginning.

Tocco Magico's products and activities have always been dedicated to the professional market and to the professional hair colorist, and stylists exclusively.

Tocco Magico was the first company that launched, in the early 30's, a hair color with natural herbal extracts - a concept that was re-created by international companies about 40 years later.

Italian taste, passion, and spirit are at the core of every colaboration and develpment that lead to avant-gard, and safe products and communication elements.

The in-house production in Rome, Italy, and the research & development lab allow us to create consistant new formulations for products made to meet all hair colorists and stylists needs.

Tocco Magico's respect for nature and a sense of ethics are one of our primary values; they are the DNA of a brand that aims to keep its image at the highest level.

Today Tocco Magico is directed, produced and distributed in Italy and worldwide by Famasar - a new, young and motivated company that believes in the continuity of a process that started many years ago.

Always a partner at the side of the world's best colorists and stylists, Tocco Magico never forgets about the real goal: the desire of beauty and well-being that lives in every woman's soul since the beginning of hair art!.

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