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Slamp Gold


Rome, Italy

Slamp is young, curious, luxurious, and affordable. Its almost too good to be true. With a large design collection with unmatched lighting effects, Slamp has grown to become one of the biggest lighter player.




Unmatched in aesthetic and design, Pianca is a truly completely Italian furniture brand. Their collection comprises of everything from tables, beds, chairs, wardrobes, and cabinetry. With over 500 finishings to choose from, Pianca can combine your personal taste to their design and create the perfect unique setting.

yamagiwa andromeda


Tokyo, Japan

With plenty of archi-star designer in its roster, Yamagiwa is truly the epitome of lighting design. Featuring designs from Frank Lloyd Wright, Toyo Ito, Ross Lovegrove, and Tokujin Yoshioka, any masterpiece from them is a timely permanent collection.

LOQ Meka


Bangkok, Thailand

LOQ produces only what can be considered a true piece of art. Designing tables that encompassing the true harmony of furniture creation, the designer mixed together the luxury material in precious metal, and epic size 100% natural wood to create a product that anyone would be proud to own.

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dexpress italia

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