Dexpress is a new company born in 2013. Our mission is to become a top Distribution Management company representing the best international brands.

As the world shift to modernize, many companies are looking to expand outside their immediate market territory and join many others in the global trade of export. However, the lack of market knowledge and man power can prohibit new market access and prove this difficult and expensive.

We provide a simple solution to oversea manufacturers / brands, by providing them an opportunity to gain access to one of the fastest growing markets in the world: South East Asia. This is done through our strong market knowledge, experience and business network, which allows us to rapidly pinpoint potential customers and cater to them your products and  business plan. This allows oversea manufacturer to better concentrate on what they are the best at: their products, while leaving market access penetration for us to worry about.


We provide your products with market access with an idea in mind: growth. We believe that in order to provide a distribution solution in a new market, growth is the most essential key that will allow your products to stick to these new markets. For this reason, at the moment we receive your inquire we will spend time to study your new markets, your industry in these new markets, your products, and your business activity. Through this complete understanding, we will cater a custom strategy for your company with clear business approach, target market, and how we intend to make your products last in these markets.